Cosmetic manufactoring equipement

Automatic hot-filling machinery for cosmetic, chemical and technical industry.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for hot-filling, powder pressing for the cosmetic, chemical and technical industry. Filling machines for lipsticks, deodorant sticks, make-up products, solid glues, cosmetic powders, components and products to be hot-processed.
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GS type dosers

Dosers for the simultaneous filling of one or more containers with depilatory waxes, hair and body waxes, scented or greasy waxes or similar products. They are connected with the main tank for a constant supply. Suitable for 30 to 1000 gr. dosing. Heated with electric resistances. Structure made of anodised aluminium or stainless steel, cover made of stainless steel. They are equipped with one or more pneumatic timed opening nozzles, through which a constant quantity of product goes out thanks to the continuous topping-up of the level in the tank. Electronic control of the heating, the nozzle opening and the keeping of the product level. Executions upon the customer’s specific request. They can be placed upon special pedestals and provided with pressure inside the tank in order to facilitate the exit of particularly difficult products.


VAT No. 02711410122 Rea Va 279777 - Cap. Soc. € 20.000 I.V.