Cosmetic manufactoring equipement

Automatic hot-filling machinery for cosmetic, chemical and technical industry.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for hot-filling, powder pressing for the cosmetic, chemical and technical industry. Filling machines for lipsticks, deodorant sticks, make-up products, solid glues, cosmetic powders, components and products to be hot-processed.
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CK type minikettle

Small bench tanks mounted on a column with adjustable height, for cosmetic waxes and pastes. Heavy gauge anodised aluminium body, with mirror finish, cover of AISI 304L stainless steel, scotch brite finish. Dosing head for godets, small pots, etc.... Mixer with electronically adjustable speed. Button or pedal start. Electronic control of temperature, pump speed and dosing time.


VAT No. 02711410122 Rea Va 279777 - Cap. Soc. € 20.000 I.V.