Cosmetic manufactoring equipement

Automatic hot-filling machinery for cosmetic, chemical and technical industry.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for hot-filling, powder pressing for the cosmetic, chemical and technical industry. Filling machines for lipsticks, deodorant sticks, make-up products, solid glues, cosmetic powders, components and products to be hot-processed.

Since 1974 Tecnicoll has been facing and solving problems related to customer’s specific demands, offering flexibility and reliable solutions in every situation, from small to big productions.

Make-up filling machine
The innovation that totally changed the hot-processing of make-up products.

The first automatic hot-filling machine for make-up products was produced by Tecnicoll. Actually, the company found the technical solution to automatically and semi-automatically hotmelt make-up products, such as blushers, lipsticks and foundations, thus reducing handicraft and industrial production costs to 70%. In the past, this procedure was carried on by using small pots, taking the product manually from a large boiler. Today Tecnicoll manufactures machineries for handicraft productions of a few tens of pieces, up to large industrial production lines.

The first spiral foundation
Italian multinational company, with branches all over the world, needed to produce a foundation with two or more colours due to aesthetics and marketing requirements.

An Italian multinational company, with branches all over the world, contacted us since it needed to produce a foundation with two or more colours due to aesthetics and marketing requirements in order to achieve a single position on the market. Thanks to the technical solution developed by Tecnicoll, it was possible to coordinate the movements of the container with the product melting through multiple nozzles to dose the different colours harmonically, thus creating the desired “spiral effect”. The customer used this technology also for other products and solutions.

And no more air in the gel!
Anti-air filling machine for synthetic gel for the American market.

For an American company manufacturing dental products Tecnicoll designed a filling machine for a special rubber gel specifically used for bites, dental instruments protecting the two dental arcades during the night used by people who suffer from bruxism (involuntary grinding of the teeth during sleep). The problem was to dose rubber gel without letting in air. The gel is composed of products in suspension which tend to separate. Therefore, the gel had to be constantly mixed without letting in air during mixing and dosing.

Single-dose lipsticks
Single-dose solution for outlets and commercial organisations.

For a multinational company manufacturing cosmetic products Tecnicoll developed a single-dose lipstick to give the buyers the opportunity to test the colour on the lips in a safe and healthy manner. The solution, absolutely innovative for the market of cosmetic industry, solves all the problems related to dose, hygiene, safety and costs.

Powder packaging machine
Portable machine for laboratories and small commercial organisations.

An American manufacturer asked us to design a portable machine to be easily installed in any point of sale or beautician’s shop for compacting powder and foundation and manufacturing make-up bags customised for every single consumer. The machine also allows recharging make-up bags and containers when the content is used-up, with a great advantage for the buyer. Many shops and small chains of stores can both supply the recharging service for make-up bags and produce cosmetics with their own trademark in small special productions.

An innovative system for lipstick packaging
Also pharmacies, herbalist’s shops and small laboratories can now produce their own special lipsticks.

Tecnicoll developed a new system for packaging lipsticks in small productions for perfumeries and retailers who can buy the components in small quantities, manufacturing special products with their own trademark.

Sponge lipstick
An innovative solution for an international trademark.

For a trademark of great prestige it was necessary to manufacture lipstick cases according to an innovative system: the lipstick is soaked into sponges, instead of paste. Tecnicoll has designed, tested and set up the machine for cutting, soaking and trimming sponges, putting them into make-up bags.

Colour-mixing machine
Mini Mill, a machine for handicraft and industrial use to mix cosmetic powders.

Based on the food mixer principle, Mini Mill is a machine particularly suitable to mix cosmetic powders much harder than foodstuff. The mechanic part has been properly powered in order to ensure a longer duration.

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