Cosmetic manufactoring equipement

Automatic hot-filling machinery for cosmetic, chemical and technical industry.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for hot-filling, powder pressing for the cosmetic, chemical and technical industry. Filling machines for lipsticks, deodorant sticks, make-up products, solid glues, cosmetic powders, components and products to be hot-processed.

Tecnicoll: since 1974 the innovation for the cosmetic industry and hot-filling machinery.

Since 1974 Tecnicoll has been manufacturing hot-filling machineries with viscous and greasy materials or particular components, such as solid glues, waxes in general, depilatory waxes, water-soluble and liposoluble waxes, lip balms. In addition, Tecnicoll manufactures pressing machines for powder cosmetics. Since 1985 Tecnicoll has been participating in Cosmoprof of Bologna, the international exhibition dedicated to perfumery and cosmetic industry, where our company exhibited innovations that changed the hot-filling processing in the cosmetic and cosmetic-pharmaceutical sector. The technical solution of the filling system designed by Tecnicoll represented a revolution in the make-up production, which increased the productive capacity of Italian and international handicraft laboratories.

Hot-filling machinery for industry in general, handicraft and pharmaceutical industry.
Tecnicoll manufactures presses and filling machines for many kinds of production: from small machineries for handicraft laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to production lines for industry in general, privileging, in particular, a quality production from 50 to 5,000 pieces per hour. Furthermore, Tecnicoll designs tailor-made solutions also for the most specific productions, by testing technical solutions.

Special tailored products
Tecnicoll machineries are based on standardised technologies appropriately tested for reliability and long duration. Since the demands of the cosmetic industry and industry in general are extremely different, our solutions can be always customised for each Company or Customer, according to the specific production, line or factory, from the handicraft or professional laboratory of pharmacies and herbalist’s shops up to the big industrial production. Tecnicoll has its own design department, which is provided with a vast archive of ready and already-tested solutions and designs every day new solutions for the specific requirements of each Customer in order to optimise costs, production and available spaces.

Historical archive of productions
Tecnicoll keeps the historical archive of all its productions in a safe and reserved manner, thus following the productive evolution of the Customer through the years, supplying a complete technical assistance for all the machines manufactured in the past as well as providing new solutions to meet with the new demands of the market. Tecnicoll guarantees to always keep up the pace with the evolution of new productions and supply the customer with the necessary technical assistance for the most long-lasting machineries. All Tecnicoll machines offer a long duration since they have been tested for a long time before production.

Spare parts always available
Tecnicoll keeps a ready warehouse of the main spare parts. Missing spare parts, or spare parts relative to machines out of production, are manufactured ad hoc.

Sale and technical assistance all over the world
Tecnicoll manufactures machines which have been installed and are used in all the main countries. Tecnicoll directly provides technical assistance in Italy, France, Spain and in the USA.
It is present with its commercial intermediaries in all these countries

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